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Tips & tricks: How to wear the white summer dress

🌞 It’s all Greek to me
Level up your style by adding a pair of gladiator sandals or some ancient Greek-style jewels.

🌞 Down to earth
The brown color palette like bronze, gold and cameo are the absolute match to your white dress and to your tanned skin.

🌞 Keep It simple, keep it elegant
Your white dress, a stunning clutch –maybe with a touch of color- and your favorite high heeled strappy sandals is everything you’ll need for a spotless-chic, evening outfit.

🌞 Beauty begins from the inside
Keep the above rule in your mind when you choose your underwear for a summer white dress. As you can easily imagine your white dress and your sexy red lingerie aren’t exactly bffs. Stay on the nude side and you’ll be safe.

🌞 With the right hairstyle I can conquer the world
A wet-hair look, some beach weaves or a messy bun… Whatever you choose try not to be too formal. Instead go for a flirty, charming, effortless hairstyle.

Last but not least… Love yourself and don’t forget to smile! You are perfect exactly as you are. We wish you a gold summer!

Xoxo MYA 💋

Photo: Amalia White Dress

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MYA Collection